Factors For Selling

Factors For Selling Your Home

Contact Jeff Menday & Associates for a customized marketing plan to sell your house fast, for top money, and hassle free.

The three most important factors to consider when selling your home are CONDITION, PRICE, AND EXPOSURE.

1. Condition: Jeff will explore with you how you can maximize your net proceeds on your house by improving the condition of your house prior to placing it on the market.

Remember, these two points.  Fresh paint always improves the condition of a house and you do not always make a profit off remodeling.

2. Price: Find out exactly what your home is worth by calling Jeff to schedule a FREE NO OBLIGATION Current Market Analysis on your home.  He knows Seattle neighborhoods extremely well.  Your home has special and unique features that will command top price when marketed correctly.

A current Market Analysis is a written report of the transaction in your neighborhood to identify similar homes that have sold recently, and are currently on the market in an effort to determine a realistic price for your home.

3. Exposure: Do you want an Agent who does more than just hang a For Sale sign on your house?  Jeff will do a lot more than just hang a for sale sign by customizing a marketing plan that will bring proven results.

His marketing plan will include the following and more:

  1. Custom flyer with color photo.
  2. A suggestion list about your home so it will show at its very best.
  3. Develop a marketing calendar so you will know exactly what is taking place each day.
  4. Input your home into the Northwest Multiple Listing Service.  Information that your home is for sale will go out to every agent via the internet.
  5. Create and send a special flyer about your home to every Seattle agent.
  1. Install a For Sale sign, directional signs, a flyer box box on your door and put a key.
  2. Hold Broker’s Opens.
  3. Hold Public Open Houses.
  4. Your home will be advertised in the Real Estate magazines as well.
  5. Communicate at least twice a week directly to you the results of my activities.
Jeff is a Miracle Worker

“In the past, I’ve told a lot of people what you did for Lori and I in getting the house sold over by the Crown Hill Cemetery. And when I tell the story, I tell them that you are not really a realtor – you are a miracle worker. I keep a framed copy of the flyer you had printed up in my home office, so the transaction comes to mind quite often. And when I show that flyer to people they say I’m a bandit, and I say no…I just had a damn good realtor on my team. Thanks again for everything and keep the mailings coming.”

George and Lori
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